Yamaha MSR400W Single 12 Two-Way Powered 400W Speaker Enclosure
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Yamaha MSR400W Single 12" Two-Way Powered 400W Speaker Enclosure


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The MSR400 was designed with emphasis on sophistication and powerful sound. The resulting refined appearance and authoritative sound give the MSR400 both brawn and beauty, making it a great choice for a wide array of performing and live-sound situations.

These products are used items.  The price shown above is for 1 (one) MSR400 speaker. 

400 Watts of Outstanding Bi-amped Power

The MSR400 employs a two-way bi-amplified system in which the low-frequency and high-frequency drivers have their own dedicated amplifiers. The 12-inch cone type woofer and the 1.75-inch high-frequency horn driver deliver total output power of up to 400 watts (LF: 300 watts, HF: 100 watts burst; 300 watts continuous total).

Inputs for a Variety of Sources

The MSR400 provides three input connectors; XLR-3-31, XLR-3-32, and phone jacks. All inputs are balanced and connected in parallel. The input level range is from -36 dB to +4 dB, allowing the MSR400 to accept output from your mixer as well as other sources such as microphones, synthesizers, or other electronic musical instrument. The control section includes input level adjustment and a two-band equalizer so you can make fine adjustments for optimum matching with your input source.

A Range of Mounting Options

The MSR400 can be mounted and positioned in a number of ways to meet the needs of venues or events. It can be placed vertically on the floor, used as a stage monitor, or even mounted on a speaker stand for improved projection. The top surface of the cabinet provides 8-mm threaded holes that facilitate wall or ceiling mounting.

Peak LED for Visual Level Monitoring

In addition to the green LED that lights when the power is turned on, there's a peak LED that lights red when an input overload occurs. This provides a visual indication of excessive input, allowing you to adjust the input level appropriately.


Speaker type Bi-Amp 2-way powered speaker
Frequency response-10dB 50Hz-20kHz
Nominal coverageH 90°
V 40°
ComponentsLF 12" (30cm) cone
HF 1.75" (4.4cm) voice coil compression driver
Output power LF: 225W, HF: 75W
Maximum output level (1m; on axis) 121dB SPL
I/O connetcors XLR-3-31 type, XLR-3-32 type, Phone
Processors EQ (Low: +/-3dB; 55Hz, High: +/-3dB; HF)
Power consumption 110W
Flying and mounting hardware 2x M8-17
Pole socket 1x 1-3/8 inch

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