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Scherl & Roth 3/4 Cello with Case


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Scherl & Roth 3/4 Size Cello with Case


  • Solid Carved Spruce Top: provides an excellent sound board
  • Maple Back & Sides: enhance greater projection as well as a refined tonal quality
  • True Ebony Pegs & Fingerboard: (not stained hardwood) facilitates reliable function and playability for many years. Full Hand Inlaid Purfling: (not painted) protects the solid top and back plates from splitting damage and demonstrates an attention to detail that other brands overlook
  • Lacquer Varnish: gives durability for students
  • USA installed D’Addario Prelude Strings: provide a better tonal quality, longer string life and maximum playability
  • Good Quality Maple French Aubert Bridge: is carved so the feet match the top plate curvatures closely to transfer the most string vibration possible to produce the best tone and volume
  • Composite Tailpiece with Four Integrated Fine Tuners: makes the fine tuning of all strings easy and convenient for the student and teacher
  • Fiberglass Bow: gives the student a reliable camber without warping
  • Mongolian Horsehair: ensures that the rosin adheres well and gives an even draw to the bow across the strings

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