Yamaha YVN00334 Student Violin Model 3, 3/4
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Yamaha YVN00334 Student Violin Model 3, 3/4


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The result of innovation, not imitation!
About 10 years ago, Yamaha challenged itself to make a high quality, durable student violin. One that could be built with greater precision, while generating less waste material in the process. The result is the YVN Model 3. Using a graduated wood press technique and computer-assisted design, the interior of an antique violin is perfectly replicated. A thin, wood veneer is then pressed into precision-cut spruce to seal and protect the instrument against harsh climates.

Excellent playability and a warm, rich sound
Because the parts are precision-cut to an exact specification for every instrument, the YVN plays consistently and reliably. All of which creates a more positive and engaging experience for beginning students. The YVN also offers a no-hassle rental option and a solid return on investment.

  • Computer-assisted craftsmanship
  • Unique 3-layer graduated wood press produces both stability and a warm, rich sound
  • Precision-cut tolerances add structural integrity and reliability
  • Laser-cut purfling and a unique wood resin inlay ensures added durability. 
  • TOP Crafted from three layers of spruce with thickness distribution in the core for a hand-carved sound.
  • TAILPIECE Made from synthetic material with integrated tuners for durability and easy tuning.
  • PEGS Made from a resin/ebony blend for sustainable use of materials and better durability.
  • BRIDGES Bridges are precision cut with computer assistance to fit each Model 3 violin and can be interchanged as needed.
  • BACK Crafted from two layers of maple with a spruce core, featuring thickness distribution for a hand-carved sound.
  • CHINREST & FINGERBOARD Chinrest made with composite material while the fingerboard is made from rosewood for smooth, comfortable contact points.
  • FINISH Poly finish presents a smooth, durable and beautiful look.
  • ACCESSORIES Each instrument comes with a reliable shaped case, bow and cake of rosin

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