Hallet Davis 160 Series Baby Grand Piano - 5'3
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Hallet Davis 160 Series Baby Grand Piano - 5'3"

Finish: Ebony Polish

Price:   $ 15,395.00   $ 12,999.99  
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Finish: Mahogany Polish

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Finish: Satin Ebony

Price:   $ 15,395.00   $ 12,999.99  
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  • AFFORDABLE: The Hallet, Davis & Co. pianos are among the most affordable pianos that we offer.  Backed by the Boston piano company, these pianos are associated with a world class piano brand.  They are a perfect blend of quality and value.
  • CLASSIC AMERICAN TONE: Producing a warm sound rather than bright or tinny, these pianos are often described as having the sound that a musician is looking for.
  • AVAILABE IN DIFFERENT FINISHES: These pianos come in a variety of colors to match your furniture pallet including the ever popular Satin Black finish.


Hallet, Davis & Co.
Performance - Beauty - Value

Most grand pianos available today look very similar – with shiny black finishes, a gold harp and matching brass hardware. Of course Hallet, Davis pianos come in these traditional varieties, but with Hallet, Davis you are offered more variety in styles and finishes than even the largest piano companies.

These Hallet, Davis & Co. pianos offer a traditional "American" sound in tone and resonance.  They boast a soft warm tone rather than bright or shrill.  This is important for musicians who are seeking a more mellow sound to complete their compositions.  The ability to be dynamic with your expressions is key to a compelling song and it all starts with the tone.



Size: 5’3″ – 160 cm
Action Material: Hornbeam
Beam Material: Spruce
Bridges: Vertically Laminate/Maple
Duplex Scale: Yes
Fallboard: Slow Close
Keybed: Multi-Laminated Spruce
Key Material: Select Grained Spruce
Plate: Sand Cast
Pinblock: 19-Ply Maple
Rib Material: Spruce
Ribs Notched Into Liner: Yes
Rim-Inner: Walnut – 18 Plys
Rim-Outer: Walnut – 9 Plys
Soundboard: Multi-Radial Spruce
Soundboard Area: 1756 sq. in. – 11329.009 cm
Tuning Pins: Blued Steel Nickle Plated

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