Yamaha YTR-5330MRC Mariachi Style Intermediate Trumpet
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Yamaha YTR-5330MRC Mariachi Style Intermediate Trumpet


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Because the mariachi style is different in character and execution from classical or jazz styles, Yamaha sought input from mariachi musicians in Mexico to achieve the distinctive sound and visual impact characteristic of the genre.

The YTR-5330MRC features a reversed main tuning slide without bracing or a water key to provide an open feel and to allow for a large volume of air flow. A unique double-plated bell and valve casing create a crisp and characteristic sound, ideal for the fast, tight staccato of mariachi music. In addition, the lacquered brass main tuning slide has an extra-long inner tube to provide a broader range of pitch adjustment, and pairs with the other lacquered brass tuning slides to stunning visual effect.

Welcome to the World of Mariachi

A proud tradition in Mexico, Mariachi style bands are also popular around the world. Essential instrumentation includes trumpet as well as violin, guitar, and instruments that are unique to Mariachi such as guitarron and Mexican vihuela. The YTR-5330MRC has been specifically designed, with advice from prominent Mariachi players, to easily deliver the lively, "crisp" sound that is a characteristic of the genre.

Special Silver Plating

Special silver plating with a unique base coat on the body have been painstakingly applied in order to produce a "crisp", lively Mariachi sound. The tuning slide and other slides feature a gold lacquer finish that contrasts beautifully with the silver plated body.

Reverse Tuning Slide with Long Inner Slide

The inner slides on the tuning slides of Yamaha reverse type trumpets are normally short, but in order to support the relatively large pitch changes required for outdoor performance, the inner tube of the main YTR-5330MRC slide has been made longer to provide a greater tuning range.

Additional Heavy Bottom Valve Caps

Two additional heavy bottom valve caps that can be attached to alter the instrument’s resistance and tone to match user preferences are supplied. Replace just the 2nd or 3rd valve bottom cap with a heavy type, or replace both the 2nd and 3rd valve bottom caps with heavy types to achieve the desired effect.

Bag Style Case

A lightweight bag-style soft case makes carrying comfortable and easy.


Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán

The Mariachi is one of the most demanding genres for the trumpet. I am able to have a great performance with this Yamaha Mariachi model Trumpet. Its rich and rounded sound adapts to the needs of the Mariachi trumpeters.

“El Mariachi es uno de los géneros más demandantes para la trompeta, con esta modelo encuentro un gran desempeño con un sonido denso y amplio que se adecua a las necesidades de los trompetistas de mariachi.”

Gustavo Alvarado


Key Bb
Bell Material Two piece, Gold brass
Bell Diameter 123mm (4-7/8")
Bore Size ML 11.65mm (0.459")
Weight Medium
Finish Silver-plated
Mouthpiece TR-11B4
Case Included

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